Friday, August 18, 2006

Upgrading the Matrix

Due to a large number of changes in the hyperlinks within the Matrix we have upgraded the Matrix Blog to reflect the new links.

The primary changes are two areas:
  • We have expanded the Summary Tables in the Matrix to include the Army Troops as well as the Army Corps. In addition, we have split up the Army Corps summary so that it now includes all the Corps units, not just the Infantry Battalions. As such, you will now find a Summary Table for the Canadian Field Artillery in each of the Divisions and the Other Corps Units such as the Ammunition Columns, Canadian Engineers, Signal Companies, Trench Mortar Batteries, Canadian Machine Gun Corps, Divisional Train Canadian Army Service Corps, Field Ambulance, and the Divisional Employment Company.
  • We have created a new section called the Nicholson Matrix to provide all of the Maps, Sketches, Definitions and Appendices from the Nicholson classic text dealing with the "Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919". In addition, we have included the original Table of Contents and a link to the on-line PDF version of the text.
  • We have upgraded the Matrix Utilities so that they now include a wider selection of maps and aerial views and references to regimental numbers. At present we are looking at the options to create a "Fluid Orbat" (Order of Battle) to initially identify the units by year, then by quarter and eventually by month. The "dream" is to eventually tie this in with the location of each unit at each specific time.

If you are interested in following the Matrix Project, please visit us here or at the main Matrix Site. You can also register your e-mail for any specific page in the Matrix so that you will get an Automatic Matrix Update.

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