Friday, November 03, 2006

Transcription Complete

The transcription project to convert all 17 chapters of Nicholson's text is now complete. You can find a separate link to any one of the chapters on the CEF Study Group Forum, or click this link to go directly to that topic:

Nicholson's Transcription

You will find all the supporting information (i.e. maps, appendices) on my Great War Project web site:

Nicholson Great War Information

Special thanks to Lynn Lane for her excellent proofreading of all of the chapters. If anyone does find any other errors, please reply by posting your comment or send an e-mail to the matrix:

Contact the Matrix Project

There is some residual work to be completed, such as an improved version of the appendices and publishing of the index pages. We will post that information once it is complete.

Please note that if you are downloading or using any of this transcribed information, you must credit the Canadian Department of National Defence. You may not use any of this information for commercial purposes. Finally, this information is for the use of CEF Study Group Members only, so you must first register if not currently a member.

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