Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fall 2007 Update

Much like the 1916 Canadian Corps "Summer in the Salient", the CEFSG Matrix Project has maintained a "stationary yet aggressive" role (Nicholson, page 154). Work has continued to add to many of the existing main components (unit information) as well as the Matrix Utilities (cap badges, transport ships, distinguishing patches, etc).

In September 2007 a new Matrix Utility was added, to bring as many as possible of the Nominal Rolls of "Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men". This initiative started with the contributions from Graham Stewart (from the Great War Forum) and now a number of other GWF and CEFSG members are joining the team. We hope to receive and post many more during the fall of 2007. The nominal rolls are scanned and printed as PDF documents, after which they are posted to the Internet Archive web site, to be shared with anyone having an interest in the Great War. You will find an Index and Links to these rolls as a Matrix Utility here:

Matrix Utility: Nominal Roll of Officers, NCOs and Men

During the summer months the Matrix GOC was also sidetracked to work on the Milton Soldiers Project, first updating the information for the Maple Leaf Legacy Project, then starting on the new plans to use GPS to log soldier's grave sites. A new web site was started for the Milton Historical Society to created a better home for the Milton Soldiers who perished in the Great War. The details of service and a summary of their final days are reported in the Soldier Details.

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