Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Unit Information

The winter months often provide time to add more information to the Matrix Unit Pages. A number of new pages have been created, based on specific requests I log, and many more have been updated. I am also trying to include all of the information that is available from the LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA TEXTUAL RECORDS.

An important part of the MATRIX PROJECT is to have input from a large number of CEFSG members and other military researchers. As such, if you have information on any specific unit (Army Corp or Corp Troops), please send in that information via the forum or e-mail. I am particularly interested in information from researchers that focus on specific groups of units such as the ARTILLERY, CAVALRY, MACHINE GUN CORPS, MEDICAL, ENGINEERS, etc. Although this is not a WIKI site (only because I do not know how to do that!) the philosophy is the same - it is a group effort.

I hope to hear from many members in the upcoming months! Please don't be shy!


Anonymous said...

My Great Great Uncle enlisted in the Eaton Motor Machine Gun Brigade in Toronto in 1915. I can send you his attestation papers if you wish.
Kelly Dundas
Strathroy, ON

Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (CEFSG) said...


Thanks for visiting the Matrix Blog and Project.

The blog part of the Matrix Project is provided to update users on the status of the main project and to encourage others to participate, such as in this case, providing written information to specific units.

In your case/example, you might wish to send information (text, photographs, reference links, etc.) that you have assembled or written on the Eaton Motor Machine Gun Brigade. Information on specific soldiers is discussed in the CEFSG Forum, which you will find on the web (

At the CEFSG Forum you will meet a number of Great War Researchers who are always prepared to provide assistance to those seeking information on soldiers, nurses, units, battles and memorabilia. If you have not done so, please stop by (registration is free) and introduce yourself to the membership.


MATRIX Team Leader